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SJDM Mart.

SJDM Mart is a form of e-commerce that enables consumers to buy goods and services from sellers using a web browser or mobile app over the Internet.

Enjoy to Healthy Life

A healthy lifestyle is a way of living that lowers the risk of being seriously ill or dying early.

Become an Independent

Many of us have thought about what it takes to become a more independent person. Independence is really taking ownership of your personal actions.

About us sjdm mart
SJDM Mart.

About our online store

SJDM Mart is an Indian marketplace offering many more products in lots of categories and welcomes over 1 million visitors a month. It is a marketplace, which means that it does not sell products from itself or third-party vendors.

This online shopping website provides sellers with access to over 1 million customers in India and is one of India’s cheapest online sales platforms for fashion items. With 5,000 smart business sellers, a loan helps sellers scale up their business. SJDM Group invests a lot of money in the quality control system, each product on site has to be inspected at least three times, which is different from most manufacturers to get the best, and they offer 100% product inspection to ensure that every piece of wholesale electronics meets quality standards.

Founder: Suraj Chakrawarti @SJDM (Director)

SJDM Group Mission

Our MISSION is to add to the worldwide network through the day by day utilization of RYTHM – Raise Yourself To Help Mankind. We do this by helping people accomplish their objectives and have better existences through a mix of innovative business opportunities with life-improving items.

SJDM Group Vision

Our VISION is to be the overall eCommerce pioneer inside the Direct selling industry, using this situation to be a positive influence in the headway of attainable and Professional Network Marketing Communities (PNMC) around the world.

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